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'Everyone a Changemaker' World, Ashoka x Google: Technology ± Humanity

Event Identity, Marketing Strategy, Content Design

The Challenge

Believing that everyone is a Changemaker, Ashoka is the largest network of leading system changing social entrepreneurs, having supported more than 3,600+ ‘Ashoka Fellows’ in more than 90 countries, with solutions addressing society’s most pressing issues. These social entrepreneurs  create sustainable solutions for their communities, and find creative ways to ensure that their impact spreads regionally, and even globally, to establish new, widespread norms. In 2020, Ashoka, supported by Google, held the 'Technology ± Humanity' virtual summit amidst the pandemic, and we were tasked to create an event identity.

Enlivened by their impactful and deeply meaningful mission, we aimed to create an identity for this Ashoka summit that is as inspiring as its fellow changemakers, while reflecting the core interests of the summit. With technology and humanity as its main theme, we acknowledge the double-edged sword of technology: to both bridge and wedge gaps between people, cultures, ethics, morality, empathy, amongst other topics.

We Delivered

Event identity, logo design, key visual, summit platform collaterals, short videos, social media planning and posts, marketing design + strategy, market insights report design.

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