Brand lead-ers, Brand think-ers, Copywrit-ers, Videograph-ers, Storytell-ers, Web design-ers, Brand Strategis-ers, Photograph-ers, Mak-ers, Plann-ers, Influenc-ers, Organis-ers, Learn-ers,

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Paul Harpin
Michelle Cheo
Jan Lambrechts
John H. Bell
Lam Nguyen-Phuong
Doug Coulter

Research-ers, keeping you in touch with new brand ideas:

"A brand is no longer what we tell the CUSTOMER it is - it's what the customers tell each other." Scott Cook

We are brand leaders, experienced strategists with extensive editorial experience.

We are thinkers and doers who deeply care about the very real strategy and growth challenges our clients face.

We are meticulous about the quality of our work and are dedicated to constantly customizing, learning and evolving our approaches so we can help enable our clients to push boundaries in unprecedented ways.

But beyond that, we strive to live and work by the values we've constructed as we build our company; and by default, your community.


We're on a mission to enable corporate teams to innovate and grow like start-ups with a team of trail-blazing, super-smart, and fun-to-be-around people.

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