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Balance Brew

Wellness. TCM. Health.

Brand Identity, Typography, Interior Design, Digital Design, Website

The Challenge

Balance Brew is a new herbal brew brand built on the foundations of the ZhongJing TCM Academy by founder Carol Goh. The client desired to make Traditional Chinese Medicine accessible and resonate with millennials and young professionals. 

Translating age-old TCM wisdom and practice for the modern world, Balance Brew offers easy-to-understand, customer-centric brews for present day lifestyles and ailments with an innovative state-of-the-art brewhouse.

With its all-natural herbal ingredients procured from trusted and responsible suppliers and with the strictest adherence to quality by in-house physicians and experts, the efficacy of Balance Brew products is assured.

The brief was to create a holistic, wellness-focused and customer-centric brand identity that would appeal to millennials, Gen Xs, mid- to senior-level professionals and baby boomer retirees who wished to improve their health and wellness.

Additionally, the team was tasked with designing the brewhouse, packaging, and creating product lines for this customer demographic.‍

Our objective was to create a brand that transcends time and trends – showing how TCM can supplement and support a lifestyle with health, wellness, emotional and physical tenets as its focus. Balance Brew embraces the philosophy of moderation and regulation, to balance the inner yin and yang of our being - physical, mental and emotional. Balance Brew products demonstrate the TCM philosophy of healthy living. Accordingly, we created a visual language to align with this brand vision and mission, producing an array of their bestselling herbal decoctions, taster sets and corporate gifts and maintaining its brand voice throughout its website, packaging and narrative.

We Delivered

Brand identity, logo design, logotypes, typography system, font design, type design, brand book, online design, brewhouse interior design, packaging design, product design, merchandise design.

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