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Ocean Gems

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Brand Identity, Growth Strategy, Digital Strategy

The Challenge

Ocean Gems is a well-known seafood brand among food professionals and was created to address the irregularities in the seafood market. Ocean Gems seafood meets even the most stringent restaurant kitchen standards with its precise weight, flash-frozen, antibiotic- and preservatives-free approach. Founded in 2005 by Helene Raudaschl, Ocean Gems currently offers 33 seafood products that are convenient and ready-to-cook.  In line with launching new markets, the brief called for revitalizing a brand that had been around for more than a decade. Besides restaurateurs and chefs, the newly refreshed brand needed to appeal to consumers who wish to create a fine dining experience at home. Additionally, it needed to demonstrate the brand's promise that all seafood is sourced responsibly and delivered fresh using its IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) process.  In creating our brand, we wanted to create excitement, curiosity, and trust among chefs and home cooks. Colours, imagery, and messaging were based on the brand's commitment to sustainability and delivering the best seafood on earth.

We Delivered

Brand identity refresh, brand story, packaging, growth strategy, digital journey

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