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Third Space

Creativity is Contagious. Catch it Here.

Brand Identity, Typography, Packaging and Assets Design, Digital Design, Website, Video Reels, Social Media Design and Management.

The Challenge

Third Space is a new collaborative community in Singapore built to support creatives - their work, their growth, their ambitions. The space houses the latest social content studio with programs for learning and inspiration and an in-house, online and international network of connected creatives. 

We aimed to create a brand personality that was fluid, business-focused and digitally-driven. The space had to look creative and flexible with equipment and talent to support content creators, creative communicators and any one wanting to think outside the usual corporate box.

Third Space pitches itself as a creative house for a global community to connect, collaborate and create. The vision is to empower and enable creatives with space, studios, events and programmes to inspire, learn and create their content. Third Space provides the space and network events to connect you and fuel your collaborations, productivity and entrepreneurship. We push talent growth, quality creative production and constantly evolve how creatives work.

Third Space inspires and transforms for brand owners, businesses, marketing agencies, designers, animators, storytellers, photographers, architects, videographers, fashion designers, writers, podcasters and all other creatives who are bursting out of the old work environments and platforms. Energy grows exponentially and creativity is contagious. Catch it here!

The brief was to create a simple, stylish and salient brand identity to appeal to any brand owner or corporations and investors as well as a network of creatives and the people they work for in order to collaborate with, and procure spaces ready for shoots, podcasts or recordings, and those who care about sustainable creativity.

Additionally, the team was tasked with designing the packaging, website, brand narrative, launch visuals, collaterals and video assets. 

Our objective was to create a brand that is neither work nor play – but somewhere in between - to house diverse businesses within a commune from architects, designers, digital marketers, brand strategists, PR and marketing agencies, production houses, digital visuals and assets and other creative content makers. 

We created a visual language to align with this brand vision and mission, producing a website, eMagazine, learning programs, brokering the international speakers and events, designing an array of packaging collaterals and video assets including press, publicity and launch assets both digital and physical, forming and continuing its brand salience throughout its website, packaging and narratives.

We Delivered

360 research, brand identity, logo design, logotypes, typography system, font design, type design, brand book, space design, online design, launch collateral design, packaging design, publicity assets and social media management and brand strategy.

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