Georgina Ng

UX/UI Designer


Georgina has been designing for digital platforms for years, and loves bringing easy-to-use, well-designed websites to life. She has worked on,, and many other websites over the course of her career, including the very website you're looking at now.

She has an eclectic background, with an honours degree in Philosophy from the National University of Singapore as well a Masters' degree in Psychology from the University of St Andrews, and yet another Masters' degree in Music, Mind and Brain from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her education in psychology and neuroscience brought her to the field of user experience research, which subsequently introduced her to the joy of user experience design.

She is also an avid artist with a particular interest in creating concept art of characters and environments for media such as games and film. You can see her portfolio at Needless to say, she also loves playing games in her spare time, especially RPGs such as those from the Final Fantasy and Xenoblade Chronicles series.