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Arlene is a global kitchen dedicated to crafting a bold new line-up of internationally inspired artisanal meat-substitute delicacies with a taste sensation indistinguishable from their meat-based counterparts. Ideal for flexitarians and meat-lovers alike, Arlene products provide an environmentally friendly alternative for people who want a great culinary experience while limiting their consumption of meat-based foods. We were tasked to create an exciting brand that will have global appeal and create a digital strategy that will penetrate all markets globally.
We aimed to create a brand that was fun, clean and inviting. It has to look nutritious and delicious on the shelves. There should be no compromise on the environmental promise. We explored a direction that pushed the envelope for frozen food packaging by playing with vibrant greens and modern patterns. The fresh minimalism helped communicate the health, taste, freshness and quality of the Arlene at it’s best!

Deliverables include:

360 research + brand identity, logo design, logotypes, typography system, font design, type design, packaging design, brand book, online design and strategy.

"Having worked with VV’s team for a few projects , I am very convinced that the voice of our brands will be communicated to the public in the most effective way!
The team has shown immense depth and knowledge executing our needs . This has allowed us time to concentrate on other aspects that are crucial to the business. I will not hesitate to work with VV to ensure we bring professionalism and effectiveness to our branding and designs of our business."

Helene Raudaschl
Founder of Arlene | Director of FOODSERVICE APME

Arlene website:
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