Client Case Study


ASK: Arlene is a global kitchen dedicated to crafting a bold new line-up of internationally inspired artisanal meat-substitute delicacies with a taste sensation indistinguishable from their meat-based counterparts. Ideal for flexitarians and meat-lovers alike, Arlene products provide an environmentally friendly alternative for people who want a great culinary experience while limiting their consumption of meat-based foods. We were tasked to create an exciting brand that will have global appeal and create a digital strategy that will penetrate all markets globally.

We aimed to create a brand that was fun, clean and inviting. It has to look nutritious and delicious on the shelves. There should be no compromise on the environmental promise. We explored a direction that pushed the envelope for frozen food packaging by playing with vibrant greens and modern patterns. The fresh minimalism helped communicate the health, taste, freshness and quality of the Arlene at it’s best!

Deliverables include: 360 research + brand identity, logo design, logotypes, typography system, font design, type design, packaging design, brand book, online design and strategy.

Arlene logo design, set icons, patterns, and packaging
Arlene product and lifestyle photoshoot website

Client Case Study


Challenge: Our client had developed a unique upmarket product offering, superior to anything else available in the market. The message was subsumed in a sea of hype for similar but much more inferior products. It didn't stand out. It was not differentiated enough from standard real-estate offerings.

Solution: We developed a sophisticated brand identity that would be consistent throughout all their creative assets. Firstly Vv created foundation assets that speak to their clients in all channels, efficiently and succinctly. This increased online visibility is one of the main ways to drive business visibility. We worked hard on their website to create an elegant communication piece with their potential tenants/members and partners to drive the right message. website
gnômadic brandbook

Client Case Study

Deep Human

Challenge: Our client had just launched a new book: Deep Human - Practical Superskills for a Future of Success. They needed visibility and to become a national best seller!

Solution: We created motivating media releases, worked on powerful press events and drove coverage on both online and in traditional media. We crafted engaging and practical partnership ideas with corporate companies, to drive increased visibility and better, more frequent learning opportunities.

"Vita Vitae are innovative, creative and inspired. We are grateful for their help with our book launch, and were thrilled to find ourselves on the national bestseller list, in no small part due to their success at orchestrating publicity and having access to a stellar range of contacts."

Crystal Lim-Lange
CEO of Forest Wolf | Bestseller - Deep Human

Client Case Study

Inner Leadership

Challenge: Our client had secured a thrilling lineup to present a prestigious leadership conference in Asia focused on leading from within in a business and sporting context. Due to COVID-19 this had to be cancelled. The business model and offering needed to pivot fast to an online-only model for Inner Leadership.

Solution: We successfully pivoted Inner Leadership to an online-only model, offering podcasts, guided meditation practices, video seminars and more for audiences to view and listen to, quite sensibly, from the comfort of their own homes. website

Client Case Study

NETS Exhibition Booth at Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress (ITSWC) 2019

Challenge: Our client wanted to showcase their technology with two other partners collectively under one roof at ITSWC. Each party had its own distinctive products and we had to incorporate them in one unified space, concept and brand identity.

Solution: After understanding the requirements from each involved party, and an open and free active brainstorm, a 3D concept rendering was created to showcase the all properties we felt that they needed and would capture the delegates attention. The still, architectural rendering helped our three clients to conceptualise the ideas and bring it to life, empowering them to visualise the intended effect more easily and ensuring alignment with all parties. In the end we proved that one plus one can add up to more than two.

Client Case Study

X-Halo Social Media Management

Challenge: Our client wanted to expand their B2C communication channels with social media. Their product, a sophisticated medical device, was largely unknown in the consumer market, and public education and awareness were needed to draw the target audience's attention.

Solution: We analysed the multiple touch points within the customer journey to design an effective, impactful campaign. We first identified the target audience, then developed social content to drive engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Next, we conducted a content audit to quantitatively identify the hits and misses. This real-time research enabled an understanding of how to effectively reach out to the target audience, and we constructed a strategically-placed sales funnel page to ensure the successful conversion of these targets into satisfied customers.

X-Halo website and social media

Client Case Study


Challenge: Sabina, a good friend and client, had a dream and vision: true beauty that comes from the confidence of being comfortable in your own skin. She wanted to develop a brand that was safe and luxurious yet highly effective, utilising multi-tasking active ingredients and the latest technologies for clear, naturally beautiful skin. She needed brand presentations that accurately represented her vision to help her with a global market entry strategy.

Solution: Vv helped with defining the strategy, positioning and presentation of the brand. Additionally, we developed strategies for a number of sales channels and effective client communication tools.

"Team Vv played an integral part in our branding journey. Their eye for detail, deep understanding of the market and branding expertise elevated our brand presence in the market and also amongst potential investors."

Sabina Munshi
Founder of Baréskin Singapore